Full-stack developer

Sunnyvale, California, United States · Tech


We make design happen :)

We're looking for a developer to join our team. We've a wonderful set of clients and designers, and have lots of opportunity to grow faster: we need you to help make it happen!

Howdy! Welcome to SketchDeck!

We're a design agency-meets-tech startup. Every day we create hundreds of designs for companies you know and love. At the heart of what we do is a tech platform that brings together designers, project managers, quality control people and clients into a big creative dance - this platform is what helps us grow quickly, and what we need your help to build!

Our biggest technical challenges (you'll help with some of these):

In case you wondered, a little bit about us:

Our team out for dinner in Sunnyvale


We're looking for someone with three to five years of experience building software products. We want you to be able to jump straight in when you arrive.

Useful skills to have (you don't need all of these):


Some reasons to work at SketchDeck:

  1. We design beautiful things all day long, and get excited about design - it's a fun thing to make happen via a tech platform
  2. Graphic designers are the nicest funnest people to work with
  3. Everyone here is really good at what they do and great to work with. No ego, no awkwardness, just a ton of team love
  4. We have a cute office dog
  5. Delivering great creative design at mass scale is a hard and fun problem to solve
  6. We're growing fast

More concretely, we offer lots of great stuff:

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