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We make design happen :)

We're looking for an experienced engineer to join our team. We've a wonderful set of clients and designers, and have lots of opportunity to grow faster: we need you to help make it happen!

Howdy! Welcome to SketchDeck!

We're a design agency-meets-tech startup. Every day we create hundreds of designs for companies you know and love. At the heart of what we do is a tech platform that brings together designers, project managers, quality control people and clients into a big creative dance - this platform is what helps us grow quickly, and what we need your help to grow.

The job

We're looking to hire an experienced engineer to expand our team. You will work directly to the CEO and Head of Operations, and have a high degree of autonomy and freedom to choose what to work on. This is a unique opportunity to have a real impact on a growing technology startup.

We all are full-stack engineers and get stuck into every part of creating new features, collaborating with colleagues and designers where necessary. We all talk regularly to our clients and designers and we help source new feature ideas. We help out our users if they have problems or bugs. We all help improve our codebase and architecture. Often we work on ideas that we helped bring to the table.

You can read more about what our engineering team are up to on our blog.

The application process

  1. Send us your CV
  2. Pass a short HackerRank coding test
  3. Have a virtual onsite day interviewing with a couple of our engineers
  4. Work on a one-day trial project (we compensate you for this)
  5. Join our team :D



Our values:

We are a growing, global team working to improve design. Our goal is ambitious. Our values guide how we should be, so we we can achieve our mission whilst building an enduring and welcoming culture. At SketchDeck, each of us:

Some reasons to work at SketchDeck:

  1. We design beautiful things all day long, and get excited about design - it's a fun thing to make happen via a tech platform
  2. Graphic designers are the nicest funnest people to work with
  3. Everyone here is really good at what they do and great to work with. No ego, no awkwardness, just a ton of team love
  4. We have a cute office dog
  5. Delivering great creative design at mass scale is a hard and fun problem to solve
  6. We're growing fast

Our team out for dinner in Sunnyvale

Our team out for dinner in Sunnyvale

More concretely, we offer lots of great stuff:

Our stack

In case you wondered, here is our tech stack:

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